The most profitable business

“Sanctions against Malaysia” That is what HINDRAF, the Malaysian Hindutva idiots want from Government of India !

In India, HINDRAF leaders date with RSS monkeys from Jandewalan Road, Delhi, That’s epicenter of Terorism in India, It is the head office of RSS, the Hindu militant group of India.

RSS want to export “Hindutva intolerance” to a multi cultural, peaceful country like Malaysia.

I would say “Fuck off” when they say “SANCTION” to Malaysians. You know why? This political puritans are more corrupt than any Indian politicians and they are engaged in the monkey business of Human Trafficking in India.

BJP MP from Gujarat Babubhai Khimabhai Katara is produced in Patiala House Court in New Delhi on Thursday. — Tribune photo by Mukesh AggarwalEven Parliament members of the Hindutva party are involved in human trafficking from India to abroad. Recently police arrested, Babubhai Katara, a Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP, who was part of a racket in which he charged 20,000 US $ per person for US migration. Look @ the picture. This is what their patriotism means!

A 2006 opinion poll by Outlook—AC Nielsen shows that 46 % of India’s urban class wants to settle down in US. Interestingly, in the Hindutva heart land of Gujarat, 54 % of people want to move to US. Cherian Samuel, a scholar at the Institute of Defence Studies and Anlyses (IDSA) says that Indian Americans totalled about 1.7 million in the US according to the 2000 census, their numbers having gone up by an incredible 106 percent since 1990. It grew at a rate of 7.6 percent annually in the last 10 years.

The provocative acts carried out by HINDRAF zealots will badly hit the peaceful Indian migrant community around the world. Every year more than 1 million Indian citizens are moving out of India.This Hindutva hooligans are making immigrants life uncertain.


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One Response to “The most profitable business”

  1. DesiLatino Says:

    It is OKAY if they tried to smuggle people to USA.

    Let us look at the record of previous NDA ministry’s record in this matter, Don’t forget it. All of this people are super brahmins.

    Former Prime Minister Vajpayee’ foster daughter Nandita is a US-citizen and stayed iin prime ministers race course road on her visits to India. Can you trust some one who
    discarded india and took US citizenship and let her stay in prime minister’s residence?
    God only knows how many secrets she stole from there and gave to US. Siva, Siva,!!

    Former national security advisor Brajesh Mishra’s daughter is married to an Italian.
    How would you trust Misra with national security when his patriotism did not prevent
    him from not allowing the marriage of his daughter to an Italian.

    I seriously suspect that there exist some sort of conspiracy between Sonia gandhi and Misra’s son-in-law for the benefit of Italy and surely Misra was too was a willing collaborator. Right?

    Former National security advisory board chairman K Subrahmanyam’s daughter and
    her husband, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and a clutch of nephews and nieces are either foreigners or foreign-passport-holding NRIs. So many foreigners in the house!!! All these people must have conspired with Misra’s son-in-law and compromised our security. what to do? what to do?

    Former finance minister Yashwant Sinha’a sister-in-law is a French citizen, attached to the French National Assembly as a security expert. Hey Ram!! she must have used her proximity to Sinha for the advantage of the french!

    Ex-President R. Venkataraman’s daughter is a German citizen. One can smell a rat here too.

    In fact, all Brahmins are a threat to India. Better let them get off from India.

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